Stopped to check this place out this evening and in doing so, realized this is Piatto that was in downtown Duluth.  It’s now a call ahead take-out, so if you loved Piatto, then you’re in luck!     Cindy M.

The Local Pantry Your Fresh Kitchen is now open in Duluth.  Raj who used to own Piatto, which was on Main Street, now has this business on Buford Highway, where you call ahead to order pickup or have it delivered.  It’s pretty much the same menu as what Piatto had, only no dine in, just pick up or delivered.       Marty D.

Very good!  I’ve gotten takeout a couple of times now.     Alan D.

It is incredible.  I’m going to need larger pants.  Try the desserts.     Jon N.

Give them a try.     Marshall M.

If you’ve been missing Piatto, then yes, this is basically rebranded Piatto and they’re still just as delicious as they use to be.  Four Forks is it’s own separate, not-so-great deal.  The Local Pantry is run by the former owners of Piatto.  They are ridiculously good at food.     Taylor H.

Thanks for letting us know about this.  Always in search of new places for good food.  Decided to try it tonight and it was delicious!     Beth B.

Ordered tonight, delicious.  Had the Lasagna and Angelina Pasta, piping hot and extremely quick with order!     Cindy M.