Pasta (All pasta is made FRESH daily)

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Angelina- 14

Capellini Pasta, spinach, goat cheese, cherry tomato,
kalamata olives, white wine, herb beurre blanc

Chili Shrimp Maribou- 17

Fettuchini, Shrimp, charred peppers, semi-dried
tomato, spinach, garlic herb vegetable a’jus reduction

Penne Pesto Cream & Grilled Chicken- 15

Pesto, Cream, crimini mushrooms, herbs de
province marinated chicken

Gnocchi- 14

Handmade light potato dumplings, in a vodka cream
topped with roasted vegetables & Fresh Mozzarella

Lasagna-  14

Layers of fresh sheets of pasta. savory Beef Ragu,
Ricotta, Mozzarella

Garden Risotto(add your favorite protein)- 14

Aborio rice cooked in vegetable stock, oven-roasted
vegetables, spinach, Aromatic fresh herbs

Cannelloni- 14

Spinach pasta filled with ricotta, mozzarella, Italian herbs and spices baked in Pomodoro, topped with 4 cheeses.

Scampi and Salmon Picatta- 22

Capellini, pan seared salmon and shrimp semi-dried tomatoes, lemon butter caper sauce.

Add You Favorite Protein

Cilantro, Sweet Chili, Herbs de Provence- 4
Sweet Chili Blackened Shrimp- 6
Scottish Salmon- 6