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Starters   Salads  Pasta  Entrée   Pizza/Dessert

Garlic Herb Flat Bread-  7 

Crispy garlic oil w/ brushed bread, fresh
herbs, shaved Parmesan pomodoro dipping
sauce. Mozzarella + 2

Calamari Fritto-  10

Crispy, crunchy, and freshly served golden
brown with sweet chili sauce

Arancini- 7 

Risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella or savory
beef, pomodoro dipping sauce  Beef-  9

Mediterranean Meatballs-  9

Prime beef, fresh herbs, blended cheeses, and pomodoro

Bruschetta- 6

Ciabatta loaf, garlic oil, fresh mozzarella,
fresh tomato, basil

Fried Green Tomato- 8

Goat cheese, basil, sweet balsamic glaze

Garlic Chili Shrimp- 13

Gulf shrimp, garlic, sweet chili, zesty pomodoro
with flatbread

Antipasto- 9

Hummus, olive tapenade, grilled eggplant,
roasted peppers, semi-dried tomatoes, greek
olives, flat bread